When to Invest in a Mutual Fund?

Mutual funds are schemes that allow investors to invest indirectly in the stock market. By understanding the mutual funds, you can invest in the fund according to your needs. The fund manager and the team of experts decide how to invest your money by systematically in the market. The decision to invest money depends on each individual and the circumstances at the time.

If you want to get a return on good investment for ten to fifteen years you need to start invest a little bit of money every month from write now. You can invest in a mutual fund for two to three months as the interest rate on savings account deposits is low.

Let’s Understand what a Mutual Fund is

Mutual means for each other or interrelated and fund means fund or money. Suppose you want an alternative to making money, just as others want it. If you combine the money of people who want to make all such investments, it becomes a mutual fund.

Below are the main Five reason for mutual fund investments.

Lack of Stock Market Knowledge

No knowledge of the stock market but the desire to invest money. Have little knowledge of the stock market but can’t invest money. The risk in the stock market should be low and the return on income should be stable. Mutual funds can meet all these expectations.

Stable and Secure Future for your Children

You wants to raise money for the future of the child as well as for his education. So investing in a mutual fund is a very good option. The fund will grow as your son or daughter grows.

Retirement Planning

Your age is over fifty and Retiring after a few years and no pension after retirement. Household expenses are going to be huge every month after retirement. So invest in a mutual fund now and start a retirement plan now.

Extra Income

Inflation is rising day by day. Interest rates on deposits are declining. Salary increment do not appear to be expected, but monthly expenses are rising rapidly. Then how to recoup the increased cost income. Is there a reliable source of income so that the money deposited will not sink and you can get your money back whenever you want? The simple answer to your difficult question is mutual funds!

You want to buy a car or travel the world. After paying all the expenses, a small amount of money is left every month. In this case, you can invest the remaining amount in a mutual fund. Sell your fund once you get expected returns and deposit the money in the account.

Tax Saving

Of course everyone wants to save tax. Everyone is taxed more or less according to their income. Find out how much you want to invest in tax savings. Once you know how much to invest, you should invest the same amount in a tax saving mutual fund throughout the year. Suppose a person has to invest Rs.1 lakh in a year to save tax, then he should invest that money according to his convenience and market conditions.

Would you like to set aside a small amount of money each month? There is a plan for such systematic people called SIP Systematic Investment Plan.

How Much to Invest in a Mutual Fund?

The notion that mutual funds are only for the rich is a misconception. You can start investing from a small amount of Rs.500 every month. Once you finalize mutual fund scheme, don’t look back. Each of you has different needs. Mutual funds can be invested in a lump sum or at regular intervals.

You can start investing with a minimum amount of Rs.500 per month. Some mutual funds require a lump sum investment. Some funds require an initial investment of Rs.1,000 and some funds require an initial investment of Rs.5,000. Investing money in a fund creates a folio in your name. In short, let’s say this folio is your account with a mutual fund company.


No matters your age, no matter your budget, every person needs are different. Mutual funds announce their plans recognizing the needs of everyone.

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