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Yes we offer Intraday currency Tips (views) and delivery currency tips through WhatsApp Alerts on register Whatsapp mobile numbers. Before start pls read disclaimer. For performance pls check below data for past few month profit and loss statement.

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Frequently asked question on Currency WhatsApp Alert service

What are the charges for this service activation?

Ans: Absolutely free (₹ 0)

How do I avail this service?

Ans: Just submit Your details in below form. We will take care of rest

How many days required to activate Currency Whatsapp Alerts?

Ans: Massage will start from next trading days.

Why You Broadcast all tips Massage on Whatsapp?

Ans: Broadcasting is the easiest way to send a message to all users at once.

Can we consider Tips as an Currency Investment Advice or Currency Recommendation for buying and selling?

Ans: No, pls don’t consider an Investment Advice or Recommendation. It is just our Intraday trading personal views.

Why are you giving Tips for free? While The rest of the world charges for this.

Ans: Making money is not our only goal. Our passion is to work in the stock market.

Performance for the month of JAN-2021.

105-01-2021USDINR Mar FutB73.773.873.6Target Hit
206-01-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.9673.8673.06Target Hit
311-01-2021GBPINR Mar FutS99.9999.8100.2Target Hit
414-01-2021USDINR Mar FutB74.3774.4774.27SL Hit
519-01-2021GBPINR Mar FutB101.09101.25100.89Target Hit
622-01-2021GBPINR Mar FutS100.75100.65100.9Target Hit
727-01-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.573.473.6Target Hit
Total1 SL Hit6 Target Hit

Performance for the month of FEB-2021.

101-02-2021GBPINR Mar FutS100.94100.8101.2Target Hit
204-02-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.4473.3473.54Target Hit
305-02-2021GBPINR Mar FutB100.4100.6100.3SL Hit
411-02-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.2573.1573.35Target Hit
517-02-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.2973.3973.19SL Hit
618-02-2021USDINR Mar FutS73.1272.9773.27Target Hit
723-02-2021USDINR Mar FutB73.7273.8273.62Target Hit
826-02-2021USDINR Mar FutB73.6473.8173.45Target Hit
Total2 SL Hit6 Target Hit

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