India’s Top Discount Broker List.

Discount Broker is a new concept introduces in India. A discount brokerage is a business that charges clients significantly lower fees than a traditional brokerage firm but without providing financial advice.A stockbroker who provides service to its clients buy and sell stocks, commodities, the currency at a minimum brokerage as compared to a full-service broker, but he does not provide investment advice to its customers. Discount Broker is the best option for those who are not interested in an advisory from a broker and wants to make a study on its own.

Advantages Of Discount Broker.

1) Discount Broker offers very low brokerage plan.
2) Discount Brokers offers monthly brokerage plan, per trade plan, each segment plan. so u can select the best plan as per your requirement.
3) Discount Broker is useful for intraday traders.

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Brokers charging Fixed Price Per Trade.

These are the brokers who charge ‘fixed price brokerage per trade’ irrespective of the size of the trade.first The charges are also very low and vary from Rs 9 per trade to Rs 20 per trade.

Brokers charging Fixed Monthly Fees for unlimited Trades.

These are some discount brokers who charge ‘fixed monthly fees’ and offers unlimited trading in selected segments and exchanges. The main discount brokers providing these services are RKSV and SAS online. They have a very competitive unlimited trading plan from Rs 999 to Rs 3999 depending on the exchange and services you need. You can read our detailed review about RKSV review and SAS online review.

India’s Top Discount Broker Comparison Chart.

Broker NameBroker TypeAccount Opening ChargeEquity DeliveryEquity IntradayMinimum BrokerageOpen Account
Trade Smart Online
Discount BrokerRs 400Rs.15Rs. 15 Per OrderNIL
open account 1
Discount BrokerRs 300Rs 0Rs 20 Per OrderNIL
open account 2
rksv securities
Discount BrokerRs 250Rs 0Rs 20 Per OrderNIL
open account 3

Indias Top 2 Disocunt Brokers.