Kotak Securities Vs Sharekhan Share Broker Comparison

Kotak Securities Vs Sharekhan step-by-step comparison between all aspect of share brokers like Active clients, Trading platform, Brokerage charges, Customer care supports & tools, Margin/leverage, Account opening charges etc.

Kotak Securities Vs Sharekhan Side-by-side Comparison

Broker NameKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Broker InfoKotak Securities ReviewSharekhan Review

Kotak Securities Vs Sharekhan Background

BackgroundKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Incorporation Year1994Feb, 2000
Broker ServicesFull-Service BrokerFull-Service Broker
Website URLkotaksecurities.comsharekhan.com
Contact Number1800 209 9191022 330546000
Active Total Client12,00,000+ Clients5,00,000+ Clients


IntroductionKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Broker Reviews /OpinionKotak Securities is trusted stock broker from last so many years. These Broking firms has one of the best customer care support.Sharekhan securities has great brand value. One of the largest stock broking company in india. Sharekhan has presences in almost all indian cities. Provide great trading platform and first broker introduced bracket and trailing stoploss order.
Broker InquiryGet CallbackGet Callback

Broker Ratings and Reviews Comparison

Broker Rating/ReviewsKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Opening Charges★★★★★★★★
Commissions & Fees★★★★★★
Trading Platforms & Tools★★★★★★★★★★
Order Execution★★★★★★★★★★
Fund Add/Withdraw★★★★★★★★★★
Customer Services★★★★★★★★★
Overall Rating★★★★★★★★

Usable For Investors Category Comparison

Useful for Type of InvestorsKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Day TradersYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Active Investor/TraderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
InvestorYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Account Opening Fees and AMC Comparison

Account Opening Fees and AMCKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Trading Account Opening Charges₹ 750₹ 750 for Classic & ₹ 1000 for Trade Tiger
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges₹ 0₹ 0
Demat Account Opening Fees₹ 0₹ 0
Demat Annual Maintenance Charges₹ 600 (₹ 50 for per month)₹ 450
Commodity Fees₹ 0₹ 0
Offer DP ServiceYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Available Trading Brokerage Plans Comparison

Available Brokerage PlansKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Monthly SubscriptionNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖
Yearly SubscriptionNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖
Multiple SubscriptionNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖

Trading Brokerage Charges Comparison

Brokerage ChargesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Plan Subscription SummeryPercentage Based Brokerage ChargesPercentage Based Brokerage Charges
Equity Intraday Charges0.049% Intraday (Both Side)0.10% for Intraday 
Equity Delivery Charges0.49%0.50% for Delivery – Negotiable
Equity Futures Charges0.049% (Both Side)0.10% on one side only for intraday sq.off
0.10% on second side if sq.off on next next
Equity Options Charges₹ 300/lotRs.100 per Lot
Currency Futures Charges0.04% or ₹20/lot (Dynamic Plan)0.10%
Currency Options Charges₹ 20 to ₹7.5/lot (Dynamic Plan)₹ 20/lot- Negotiable
Commodity Charges0.07%0.10%
Minimum Brokerage FeesDefualt 0.049%Defualt 0.10%
Any Hidden CostNo, ✖No, ✖
Call & Trade ChargesFirst 20 orer Free Than ₹ 20 for every OrderFree

Available Margins / Leverage Comparison

Margins or LeverageKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Equity Margin IntradayUpto 15x times for equity cash.Upto 32x times for equity cash.
Equity Margin DeliveryUpto 3x times for equity deliveryUpto 15x times for equity delivery
Equity Margin FuturesUpto 5x times for IntradayUpto 15x times for equity futures
Equity Margin OptionsNo Margin (Buying), Upto 2X times (Short) for IntradayUpto 10x times for equity options
Currency Margin FuturesUpto 2x for currency futures (Intraday)Upto 8x for currency futures
Currency Margin OptionsNo Margin (Buying), Upto 2X times (Short) for IntradayUpto 10x for currency options
Commodity MarginUpto 2x times for IntradayUpto 10x times for Commodity

Transaction and Other Government Charges, Taxes Comparison

Transparency & Other FeesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Equity Day Trading0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.
Equity Delivery0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.
Equity Futures Trading0.00436% or Rs.436/per crore.0.0021% or Rs.210/per crore.
Equity Options Trading0.0594% or Rs.5940/per crore.0.055% or Rs.5500/per crore.
Currency Futures Trading0.0013% or Rs.130/per crore.0.0013% or Rs.130/per crore.
Currency Options Trading0.042% or Rs.4200/per crore.0.042% or Rs.4200/per crore.
Commodities Trading0.00436% or Rs.436/per crore.NA
AMC Charge₹ 50/- (Month).₹ 400/- (1st year Free).
DP Transaction Fees₹ 16/per transaction or 0.04% (whichever is higher)₹ 16/per transaction.
Offline order placing ChargeFirst 20 orer Free Than ₹ 20 for every OrderFree
Sebi ChargesRs.15/per cr.Rs.15/per cr.
GST 18% on Brokerage + Transaction charges.18% on Brokerage + Transaction charges.
Stamp Duty As per Clients state.As per Clients state.

Available Trading Platform / Software Comparison

Trading Platforms / SoftwareKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Desktop Trading PlatformKEAT PRO XTrade Tiger
Web BasedTradesmart Terminalsnewtrade.sharekhan.com
Mobile ApplicationKotak Stock Trader AppSharekhan Mobile App

Trading Platform Details Comparison

Trading Platform DetailsKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Demo (Desktop) PlatformYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Windows Desktop platform Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
MAC Desktop platform No, ✖No, ✖
Web Trading URLYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Web Trading Portals InfoYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile SiteYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile Trading AvailabilityYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile Trading ApplicationYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile App DemoYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Android / Ios Mobile AppYes, ✔ Both AvailableYes, ✔ Both Available

Charting Facility Comparison

ChartingKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Intraday (Day Chart)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
End of Day (Daily Chart)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Coding/BacktestingNo, ✖No, ✖

Reporting Comparison

ReportingKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Trade Online  ReportsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
PNL Online ReportsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online Contract Notes Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Trading Support and Tools Comparison

Support & ToolsSharekhan SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Research & TipsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Brokerage CalculatorNo, ✖No, ✖
Span Margin CalculatorNo, ✖No, ✖
Trailing StoplossYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Training & EducationYes, ✔ Blogs, ArticlesYes, ✔ Blogs, Articles

Trading Features Comparison

Useful Trading FeaturesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
3 in 1 Account (Bank+Trading+Demat)Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
Instant Fund withdrawalNo, ✖No, ✖
Relationship Managers (RM)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
ChartsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Algo Trading / RobotNo, ✖No, ✖
Mobile SMS AlertsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online DemoYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online Portfolio Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Margin for Future TradingYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Combined Records for Equity & CommodityYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Intraday Sq.off Timing3.15 PM3.15 PM
Can NRI TradeYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Extra FeaturesAsk to BrokerAsk to Broker

Services and Available Option Category Comparison

Investment Service and Available OptionsKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Equity Cash & Future & OptionYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Currency Derivatives (Forex)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Commodity Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online IPO RequestYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mutual Funds (MF)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Bonds / Negotiable Certificate of DepositYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Banking ServicesYes, Available ✔No, ✖
Direct InsuranceYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Forex InvestmentYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
MF SIP InvestmentsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
PMS ServicesYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Other OptionsAsk to BrokerAsk to Broker

Fund Add / Fund Withdrawal Procedure Comparison

Fund Add/Withdrawal ProcessKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Fund Pay In and Pay outAdd Fund: Cheque, Online Bank TraNsfer using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Net-Banking and payment gatway. Withdrawal fund: Bank TranferAdd Fund: Cheque, Online Bank TraNsfer using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Net-Banking and payment gatway. Withdrawal fund: Bank Tranfer
Time for Payout24 hours (working days)24 hours (working days)
Linked BankKotak Bank AccountNear about 22 bank available for fund credit and Rs.9 for per transaction.

Trading Order Types Comparison

Trading Order TypesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Cash N Carry (CNC Order)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Margin Intraday Square (MIS Order)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Normal (NRML Order)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Cover OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Bracket OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT)Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
AMO -After Market OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
GTG-Good Till CancelledYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Customer Care Services and Numbers Comparison

Customer Care ServicesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Customer Care Service 24/7No, ✖No, ✖
Email SupportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Live Chat OnlineYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Phone SupportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Toll-Free NumberYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Support by BranchYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Customer Care Contact Number1800 209 9191022 25753200
Account Opening ProcedurePaperlessPaperless
Customer Support Emailservice.securities@kotak.commyaccount@sharekhan.com
Complaints Support Emailservice.securities@kotak.comigc@sharekhan.com
Educational BlogYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Head Office Address3rd Floor, Nirlon House,
Dr Annie Besant Road,
Worli Sea Face,
Mumbai – 400030
ICICI Centre,
H.T. Parekh Marg,
Mumbai – 400020

Investment Advice/tips/ Research & Reports Comparison

Investment Advice -Tips, Research & ReportsKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Equity ResearchYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mutual Fund ResearchYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
ETF ResearchNo, ✖No, ✖
Daily ReportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Free Tips- AdvisoryYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Company Result AnalysisYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
News & AlertsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Kotak Securities Vs Sharekhan Advantages & Disadvantages Comparison

Advantages & DisadvantagesKotak SecuritiesSharekhan Securities
Pros / Likes3-in-1 Account Most know Stock broker in India
Query Answered within 24 hoursVery good Customer Care Support
Pan india presencePan India presence
Fast & high tech trading platformFast & high tech trading platform
Prominent researchExcellent equity  research
Cons / DislikesHigh Account Opening FeesHigh Brokerage charges 
Slightly High BrokerageETF Research not available
No Algo Trading3-in-1 account not available
No Brokerage CalculatorNo Algo Trading
Promotion or offer1st 20 call & trade order free.1st Year Free Demat Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

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