5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities Share Broker Comparison

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities Compare

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities comparison between all aspect of share brokers like Active clients, Trading platform, Brokerage charges, Customer care supports & tools, Margin/leverage, Account opening charges etc.

5paisa.com Introduction.

5paisa.com, founded in 2005, is an India first full-service discount broker with over 10000+ retail customer accounts (Crossed in March 2017). Like its closest competitors, 5paisa.com offers a simple, flat-fee trading commission structure. Stock, Currency trades are Rs.10 per order, and options trades run at Rs.10 per order. 5paisa provides a high quality of customer service, and all-around investment offering.

Recently 5paisa won “Best Digital Startup of the Year” Award. 5paisa, like its competitors, offers active trader services and tools, including both desktop and web-based, as well as a mobile application for trading. 5paisa does a good work of providing educational content like Articles, videos, infographics to customers.

Alice Blue Online Introduction

Alice blue Online started in 2008 as an Aliceblue Securities, currently Alice blue online has more than 35000 customers and 1000+ partners across India. Aliceblue has a good presence in south India. Known for its reliable customer services, Alice blue online only charge 0.01% or Rs.20 per order whichever is lower.

Recently they won “Best Brokerage House – Energy” Award from MCX and Highest Volume Generator in commodities and “Gems of India” Award in 2014. Enjoy Trade unlimited full-time equity, commodity and currency by customizing plan/membership subscribing.

Achiievers Equities Ltd Introduction

Achiievers Equities, founded in 2010, is a Discount-service broker with over 20000+ retail customer accounts. Pan India’s presence and more than 300+ trading centers. Achievers Equities currently has around 280 business partners in the entire country. At present, the company’s turnover is more than 1000+ crore rupees per day.

Achiievers Equities won “Most promising brand” award on 22 Jul 2016. Achievers Equities is the first to offer research in India on daily basis. 24/7 customer care support is the most important thing in today’s world and they provide. Rather than broking, they offer a product like online Mutual fund, Online KYC, Gold Loan, Equity SIP etc.

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities Side-by-side Comparison

Broker Name5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
5paisa.com compamy logo
5paisa Capital Ltd
AliceBlue Online
Achiievers Equities Ltd company logo
Achiievers Equities Ltd
Broker Info5paisa ReviewAlice Blue Online ReviewAchiievers Equities Review

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities Background.

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare- Basic Background.

Background5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Incorporation Year200520082010
Broker TypeFull-Service Discount BrokerDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
Contact No+91 8976689766080 61575500 / 080 22174600033 66063000
Active Client10000+ Clients35000+ Clients20000+ Clients


5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Small Reviews and Broker Inquiry form.

Introduction5paisa.comAlice Blue Online
Achiievers Equities
Broker ReviewsOverall, thanks to 5paisa for its low brokerage costs and good services, 5paisa.com value for traders across the full spectrum of the trader’s community.
What impresses us most about 5paisa.com is its drive to continue efforts and offer the best possible customer experience.
5paisa is a discount stock broker and it is useful for the intraday trader.
Alice Blue Online is Discount stock broker with simple Rs.20 per executed order brokerage plan for all segments.
Alice blue provides fast and simple trading portals for online trading with superior charts.
Alice blue online mobile app (ANT Mobi) is comes in India’s top3 leading trading apps. Dedicated customer support.

Overall Achiievers Equities charges very low than its competitors and delivers with very good platforms, research, mobile apps, education, and customer service.
Compared to other Discount-service brokers Achiievers Equities offer a customizable plan like Per Day Plan, Per Trade Plan, Month plan + Traditional plan also with zero hidden charges.
Broker Inquiry

Broker Ratings and Reviews

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Star ratings and reviews range of 1 to 5.

Broker Rating/Reviews5paisa.com Alice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Opening Charges




Commissions & Fees




Trading Platforms & Tools




Order Execution




Fund Add/Withdraw




Customer Services




Overall Rating




Usable for Investors Category

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – This stockbroker is useful for what kind of investor.

Useful for Type of Investors5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
TradersYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Active Investor/TraderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
InvestorYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Account Opening Fees and AMC

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Comparison of two share broker for Trading Account, AMC etc.

Account Opening Fees and AMC5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Trading Account Opening FeesRs. 650Equity: Rs.310 and Commodity: Rs.120Rs.750
Trading AMCFreeFreeFree
Demat Account Opening FeesFreeFreeFree
Demat AMCFree 1st Year (Rs.400/Per Annum)Free AMC for LifetimeRs.400/Per Annum
Offer DP ServiceYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Available Trading Brokerage Plans

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – What types of brokerage plans are available to this stock broker?

Available Brokerage Plans5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Monthly Subscription planNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖ (customized plans/ memberships. Available)Yes, Available ✔ Rs.750 Per Month
Yearly Subscription planNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖ (customized plans/ memberships. Available)Yes, Available ✔
Multiple plansNot Available, ✖Not Available, ✖ (customized plans/ memberships. Available)Yes, Available ✔ per month & per day

Trading Brokerage Charges

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – A complete comparison of brokerage charges between shares brokers for all segments.

Brokerage Charges5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Plan Information5paisa charges only flat fee of Rs.10 per order for all segments including Equity, Equity Derivatives (F&O) and Currency.AliceBlue Online charges only Rs.20 per executed order for all three segmentsTrade in any segment- Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Future, Currency and Commodity for just Rs.15 per executed order.
Equity IntradayFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Equity DeliveryFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Equity FuturesFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Equity OptionsFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Currency FuturesFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Currency OptionsFlat Fee Rs.10 per executed order.Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
No, ✖
Rs.20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower.Rs.15 per executed order.
Minimum BrokerageFlat Chrages Rs.100.01% on Turnover value.Flat Fee Rs.15
Hidden ChargesNo, ✖No, ✖No Information
Call & Trade ChargesRs.100 /per call(No order limit).Rs.20/executed order.No Information

Available Margins / Leverage

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Full comparison of the Available margins for all segments.

Margins or Leverage5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Equity Intraday MarginUp to 3 to 12 times for for equity cash.Category A Stocks: Up to 20 times, Category B Stocks Up to 10 times.No Information
Equity Delivery MarginUp to 3.5 times for equity delivery.Up to 3 times on Equity Delivery.No Information
Equity Futures MarginUp to 2 times for futures.Up to 5 times on equity futures intraday (MIS).No Information
Equity Options MarginUpto 2 times for option short selling and No margin for option buyers.Up to 5 times on option index selling and 3 times on option index buying. No leverage for other option buying.No Information
Currency Futures MarginUp to 2 Times for Intraday.Up to 10 times For Intraday and 1 times for carryforward.No Information
Currency Options MarginUp to 2 Times for Intraday.Up to 10 times For Intraday and 1 times for carryforward.No Information
Commodity MarginNAUp to 10 times For Intraday and 1 times for carryforward.No Information

Transprarency and Transaction and other Goverment charges, Taxs

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Comparison of all goverment charges and Taxes

Transparency & Other Fees5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Equity Intraday0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.0035% or Rs.350/per crore.
Equity Delivery0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.00325% or Rs.325/per crore.0.0035% or Rs.350/per crore.
Equity Futures0.0019% or Rs.190/per crore.0.0021% or Rs.210/per crore.0.0039% or Rs.390/per crore.
Equity Options0.05% or Rs.5000/per crore.0.055% or Rs.5500/per crore.0.05% or Rs.5000/per crore.
Currency Futures0.0011% or Rs.110/per crore.0.0011% or Rs.110/per crore.0.00175% or Rs.175/per crore.
Currency Options0.04% or Rs.4000/per crore.0.044% or Rs.4400/per crore.0.065% or Rs.6500/per crore.
CommoditiesNAAgri: Rs.275 per crore & Non-Agri: Rs.360 per crore.Agri: Rs.365 per crore & Non-Agri: Rs.460 per crore.
AMC ChargeRs.400/- (1st year Free).Rs.0 AMC for LifetimeFree for Trading AMC. Rs.400 PA for Demat AMC
DP Transaction ChargeRs.25/per transaction. No InformationRs.15 or 0.025% whichever higher.
Offline order placing ChargeRs.100 /per call(No order limit).No InformationRs.0
Sebi ChargesRs.15/per cr.Rs.15/per cr.Rs.15/per cr.
GST 18% on Brokerage + Transaction charges.18% on Brokerage + Transaction charges.18% on Brokerage + Transaction charges.
Stamp DutyAs per Clients state.As per Clients state.
As per Clients state.

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Available Trading Platform / Software

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – All three trading platform names and URL path to download.

Trading Platforms / Software5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Desktop Trading Platform5PaisaTradeStationANT – Analyse and TradeNSE NOW
Web Basedwww.5paisa.com << Tradeant.aliceblueonline.comNSENOW-LOGIN
Mobile App5Paisa – Online Share Market Trading AppANT MOBIAchiievers Mobi

Trading Platform Details

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Side-by-side comparison of trading platforms features.

Trading Platform Details5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Desktop Demo ProvidedYes, Available ✔ Yes, Available ✔ Yes, Available
Windows Desktop platform Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
MAC Desktop platform No, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
Web Trading URLwww.5paisa.com/ant.aliceblueonline.comNSENOW-LOGIN
Web Trading Portals Info Yes, Available ✔ aliceblueonline.comYes, Available ✔
Mobile SiteYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile TradingYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Mobile Trading AppGoogle Play StoreDownload LinkYes, Available ✔
Mobile App Demo Yes, AvailableYes Available
Yes, Available ✔
Android / Ios Mobile AppYes, ✔ Both AvilableYes, ✔ Both AvilableYes, Available ✔

Charting Facility

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Charts, types of charts and more.

Charting5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
IntradayYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔5 Days on NSENOW and 5 Day on ODIN (MCX)
End of DayYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔10 years NSENOW and 5 years on ODIN (MCX)
Coding/BacktestingNo, ✖No InformationNo, ✖


5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Profit and loss Statements, Trading details on register email id and trading contract notes.

Reporting5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Online Trade ReportsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online PNL ReportsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online Contract NotesYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔

Trading Support and Tools

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Complete comparison between tools and other supported options.

Support & Tools5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Research & TipsYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Brokerage CalculatorNo, ✖ No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Span Margin CalculatorYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
Trailing StoplossNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
Training & EducationYes, ✔ Blogs, ArticlesYes, ✔ Blogs, ArticlesYes, ✔ Blogs, Articles

Trading Features

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Before open account with any two share broker of this pls compare available features rather than buying and selling.

Useful Trading Features5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
3 in 1 AccountNo, ✖No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Instant Fund withdrawalNo, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
Relationship ManagersNo, ✖No, ✖
No, ✖
ChartingYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Algo Trading / RoboNo, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
SMS AlertsYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
Online DemoYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Online PortfolioNo, ✖No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Margin for Future TradingYes, Available ✔No, ✖No, ✖
Combined Ledger for Equity and CommodityNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
Intraday Sq.off Timing3.10 PM3.15 PM3.15 PM
NRI TradingYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Extra FeaturesAsk BrokerPivot Point CalculatorAsk Broker

Services and Available Option Category

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Many share brokers offers investment option like banking, insurance etc.

Investment Service and Available Options5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Equity Cash and F&OYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Currency DerivativesYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
CommodityNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Online IPO ApplicationNo, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
Mutual FundsYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Bonds / NCDYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
ETFYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
BankingNo, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
InsuranceYes, Available ✔No, ✖No, ✖
ForexNo, ✖No, ✖No, ✖
MF SIP InvestmentsYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
PMS ServicesYes, Available ✔No, ✖No, ✖
Other OptionsAsk BrokerAsk BrokerAsk Broker

Fund ADD / Fund Withdrawal Procedure

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Comparison of Fund pay-in & Payout avaialble optins, Timing and available banks.

Fund Add/Withdrawal Process5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Fund Pay In and Pay outAdd Fund: Cheque, Online Bank Tradsfer using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Net-Banking and payment gatway. Withdrawal fund: Bank TranfersAdd Fund: Cheque, Online Bank Transfer using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Net-Banking and ATOM payment gateway,DD. Withdrawal fund: Bank Transfers.No Information
Payout Time24 hours (working days)24 hours (working days).No Information
Linked BankNear about 23 bank available for fund credit and Rs.9 for per transaction.Near about 25 bank available for fund credit.No Information

Trading Order Types

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – A side-by-side comparison of differently operate available trading orders

Trading Order Types5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
CNC OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
MIS OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
NRML OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Cover OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔No Information
Bracket OrderYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔with auto trailing SLNo, ✖
Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST)No InformationNo InformationNo, ✖
Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT)No InformationNo InformationNo, ✖
AMO -After Market OrderNo, ✖ Yes, Available ✔No, ✖
GTG-Good Till CancelledYes, Available ✔ No, ✖Yes, Available ✔

Customer Care Services and Numbers

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Customer care complete comparison.

Customer Care Services5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Customer Service 24/7No, ✖Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Email SupportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Live Chat OnlineNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Phone SupportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Toll-Free NumberNo, ✖No, ✖Yes, Available ✔ 1860 420 3333
Support by BranchNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Customer Care Number8976689766080 61575500 / 080 22174600+91 33 66063000
Account Opening ProcedurePaperlessOnlineNo Information
Customer Support Emailsupport@5paisa.comaskus@aliceblueindia.comcustomer.care@achiieversequitiesltd.com
Complaints Support Emailgrievance@5paisa.com
Educational Blogwww.5paisa.comYes, Available ✔ www.achiieversequitiesltd.com
Head Office AddressSun Infotech Park,
Road No. 16V,
Plot No.B-23 Thane,
Industrial Area,
Wagle Estate,,Thane – 400604
85/2, 3rd Floor,
Royal Building,
Sathy Road,
Erode – 638003,
Tamil Nadu
32 / A Diamond
Harbour Road,
Sakher Bazar,
Kolkata – 700008

Investment Advice/Tips/ Research & Reports

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – Comparison of Advisory, Analysis reports, and Tips, research etc.

Investment Advice -Tips, Research & Reports5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Equity ResearchYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Mutual Fund ResearchNo InfoNo, ✖Yes, Available ✔
ETF ResearchNo, ✖No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Daily ReportYes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔Yes, Available ✔
Free Tips- AdvisoryYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
Company Result AnalysisYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔
News & AlertsYes, Available ✔No, ✖Yes, Available ✔

Advantages & Disadvantages

5paisa Vs Alice Blue Online Vs Achiievers Equities compare – promotonal offers Pros and Cons share broker comparison

Advantages & Disadvantages5paisa.comAlice Blue OnlineAchiievers Equities
Pros / Likes1) Educational articles are Excellent.
2) Customer service is very good.
3) All three trading platforms are fantastic.
4) Offers very Low Brokerage only flat feeof Rs.10 per executed order.
5) Mobile App crosses 1 Million downloads.
1) Zero annual maintenance charges.
2) High leverage on trading products.
3) 20 times limit for bracket order Aliceblue provides E-Learning Kit for fundamental and technical research.
4)Advanced trading platform to build our own strategy.

1) Achiievers Equities offers 24/7 Customer Support.
2) 3-in-1 Account.
3) Customized Brokerage plan available.
4) All Three Trading Portals are fast.
Cons / Dislikes1) Call & Trade is Rs.100 for per call which is higher as compared to other brokers.
2) MCX and NCDEX commodity trading is unavailable.
3) Higher charges of Rs.25 per transaction for Demat.
4) No Branches in your city.
1) No investment advisory or Tips.
2) Toll free number not available
3) Rs.20 for call-n-trade.
4) Online IPO Application not available.
1) Rs.20 Extra for call n trade.
2) Rs.75 for Research Alerts over SMS.
3) Pan Indian Presences.
Promotion or offer1st Year Free Demat Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC).
5paisa offers Low Trade brokerage just Rs.10 per order + Demat AMC free for a 1st year + Free Mutual Fund Account.
Life time free Demat Account and only Rs.20 for per executed order.No Information
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