Intraday Trading Day Job

Let me start by saying that day Trading is Not a bad idea but it’s only for those people have patients &control over Greed & Fear, All time Available in market hours. If you are an Intraday trader than trading with your day job is a very bad idea (It’s very risky). If you think about long term, short term investing in stock or forex than it is possible to do with your job.It requires you to invest data packages & expensive software. If you want to do investment with along with your job then a better idea is to trade stocks & forex for the short term (Average holding period – 3-4 weeks).For day trading you have to be connected to your internet or stockbroker customer care. Just a 5 minutes of break could damage your entire profits of a month. For day trading you need to be very disciplined, follows Do’s & Don’t.Intraday Trading Day Job

5 Things you need to be considered for trade Intraday Trading Day Job.

1. Are you able to get an update on the stock market at your working place?
2. Does such activity allow in your workplace?
3. If you are not available for trading or u are busy than does your Relationship manager will take care of your trade.
4. Are you disciplined to follow your strategy as it is?
5. If you find no answer from one of the above options, then don’t do the day trading along with your job.

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