How To Minimize Intraday Trading Risk?

Get details regarding how to Minimize Intraday Trading Risk.

Your Trading Experience?


1.Intraday Trading is high Risk Business.
4.Price discovery.

4 Requirements for Intraday Trading.

Right Knowledge.

1) Fundamental analysis:- Useful for long term trading.
2) Technical Analysis:- Useful for Intraday Trading.
Right infrastructure Machine / Power & Internet / software / Stock broker.

Low Brokerage.

Money Managements – How much Money you are Ready to lose?
Minimize Risk & Maximize Profit.
Discipline – King of all.
Follow your strategy.

Good & Bad Trading Day.

Good Trading Day:- Market move one way either up or down.
Bad Trading Day:- Market are clueless.This is the most difficult period for a trader.can you as a trader, change a bad trading day to a good trading day?
before the market starts can i know whether the market would be good or clueless today?

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risk free trading and study for how to minimize trading risk
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