Tradewalla Brokerage Charges Complete Info, Advantage, Benefit

Tradewalla Brokerage Charges available for the customer In two options. The first is the classic plan. The second is Regular Plan.Along with Tradewalla brokerage charges take look on Tradewalla Account Opening charges. Tradewalla is a discount stock broker. which charges only a certain amount of commission on the order from its clients.

  • Trading Account Opening Charges: Rs 200.
  • Demat Opening Charges: Rs 550.
  • Commodity Account Opening Charges: Rs.200.
  • Trading Annual maintenance charges(AMC):Rs.350 or Rs.999 Life Time+GST.

Tradewalla Brokerage charges for the Regular plan.

Flat Brokerage of Rs 20: In the regular plan only Rs.20 brokerage charges per order. Note:

  1. If the customer uses this plan he will get benefits of zero brokerage charges.
  2. No matter what is the size of your order you have to pay only 20 rupees brokerage charges.
  3. To trade in all these segments customers have to pay brokerage charges of just Rs 20 per order, in cash, Futures, Options, Currency F&O, MCX Futures and NCDEX Future.

Advantages of Regular Plan.

  1. Zero Brokerage Plan.
  2. Tradewalla brokerage charges of Rs.20 per executed order or.1%(Delivery)or.01%(Intraday), whichever is lower no matter the size of your trade.
  3. No turnover commitment.
  4. All segments Cash, Future, Commodity and Currency available for trading.
  5. Zero Monthly fees, Zero maintenance Charge.

What are the Advantages of Tradewalla zero Brokerage Plans?

Get professional research @ Rs.1 per executed order.There is three option available for quality research by Tradewalla.

  • Option 1: Research @ Rs.1/-per executed order.
  • Option 2: Pay Rs.500 per month and research notification will be sent to NSET trading Terminal.
  • Option 3: Pay Rs.1000 per month and get alert directly on your mobile.

Tradewalla Brokerage Charges for the Classic Plan.

TradeWalla brokerage charges for Classic Plan gives you the advantage to trade at Rs.14 in NSE and Commodities irrespective of lot size you have to pay Rs.7 per lot only.

Rs.14 per Lot in NSE and F&O.1) 4-time intraday exposure in F&O.
2) Extra limit with stoploss.
3) No charges for Trading software for all exchanges to trade.
Rs.7 Per lot in Commodity.1) 5 times intraday Exposure.
2) More Limit with stoploss.
3) 0 charges for a trading platform for all exchanges to trade.
Rs.450 per crore in Cash F&O.Rs.399 per crore in Commodity.1) Extra Limit with stoploss.
2) zero charges for a trading platform for all exchanges to trade.

Tradewalla Brokerage Charges for other services.

  • Call&Trade: Additional Brokerage charges of Rs.20/-per executed order.
  • Digital Contract Notes: Available on registers email of the customer.
  • Physical copies of Contract notes: charged Rs.20/-per contract+Courier Charges. More about Tradewalla.

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