Top 7 Best Stock Broker In India for Beginners and Active Traders

Choosing an online best stock broker in India is one of the most difficult and important decisions for trader and investors. Each person has a different way of trading and investing in stocks, commodity, currency, and F&O. There are so many stock brokers are available in the market and every stock broker has its products & services so it is very important to select stock broker full fill traders and investors need. We help people to choose Best Stock Broker in India.

To help stock traders and investors, we help to choose and introduce offers, how they function, and advice related to online trading platform, features etc.

As the head of research here at, I am an online stock trader and investor since 2005, I myself use a different stock broker for trading in stocks, commodity, forex, derivatives. From around 14 years of experience, I can tell you which stock brokers are currently providing excellent services in the market.

Here’s our List of the Top 7 Best Stock Broker in India

  • Angel Broking – Best for Traders & Investors
  • Zerodha – Best for Traders
  • Upstox – Best for Traders
  • Sharekhan – Best for Investors
  • Motilal Oswal – Best for Traders & Investors
  • ICICI DIRECT – Best for Investors
  • – Best for Traders & Investors
  • Compare Broker by Category

Reasons Behind Choosing This Stock Broker.

Here’s a summary of the best online broker in India for stock and options trading.


Angel Broking – Best for Traders & Investors

Angel Broking is a percentage based broker and charges Rs. 0.04% or 4 paisa for intraday(Equity, Equity future, commodity & Currency future) and 0.4% or 40 piasa for equity delivery and Rs.60 for Equity option & Rs.30 per lot for currency option.

Angel Broking received 5 stars in our 2018 Review. This is our highest recommended for traders looking for a stock broker with good investor advisors. It is one of the Best full service broker in India The company also took the awards for ‘Fulcrums of Commodity Derivatives Market’ award by MCX in 2018. In past, they received awards for Research, Order Execution, and Ease of Use. Finally, Angel Broking mobile app was rated Best Mobile App for Investors. Read More

zerodha logo

Zerodha– Best for Traders
High Trading Volume in Intraday.

Zerodha charges ₹ 20 per order and ₹.0 equity delivery per trade and received 5 stars in our 2018 Review, Zerodha is now a stock broker with the largest customer in India (8,00,000+ Active clients). Zerodha is our top recommendation for discount trading and it is best discount broker in india. The company win awards for ” India’s best retail brokerage for 2018″ by NSE., Zerodha’s Kite mobile app was rated Best Mobile App for Traders. Read More


Upstox – Best for Intraday Traders.
For people who want to save money from brokerage fees.

As like Zerodha Upstox also charge ₹ 20 per order and ₹.0 equity delivery per trade. Upstox’s trading platform is awesome and very easy to operate. Overall with 4.9 stars in 2018. Upstox was awarded 5 stars and #1 for its order executions, thanks to its “Upstox Pro” Trading platform. This broker also excellent in mobile trading App, and offers quality customer support, Trading tools, Education and more. Read More

sharekhan Features

Sharekhan – Best for Investors.

Sharekhan one of the oldest and trusted stock broker in india. Sharekhan Tradetiger advanced trading platform has been awarded Best Platform for the past five years. For active day traders, Tradetiger was rated 5 stars rating and Comes with a full pack of tools and functionality. This broker consider as a best commodity broker in india Brokerage charges are a little bit high as compare to other stock broker but they offer world-class stock reccomdation and customer support. Read more

motilal oswal logo

Motilal Oswal– Best for Traders & Investors

Motilal Oswal is a big name in the Indian stock broking industry. Motilal Oswal is known for its solid research and Advice. It is awarded “India’s Best Performing Equity Broker” 4 times in a row. More than 30 years of wealth creation experience and 2200+ location in over 500+ cities of india. It comes in top 7 stock broker in India list with an overall 4.8-star rating. Read more

icicidirect Features

ICICIDIRECT– Best for Investors.
Those who want good advice.

ICICIDIRECT was awarded #1 for Banking Services, thanks to its parent company, ICICI BANK. Designed for professional traders serious about their investments. ICICIDirect charges 0.05 to 0.55% and was rated 4.6 Stars Overall. Excellent research in all segments along with consistent customer care service, Best tools. The industry-leading market report and great full-service brokerage company. Read More compamy logo – Best for Traders & Investors
Low Brokerage and Market Research. Trade with 5paisa Mobile App.

5paisa is India’s first full-service discount stock broker. charges (₹ 10 per trade). It is India’s 2nd largest discount broker. More than 175000+ customers and offer free mutual fund investments. overall 4.5 star overall reviews. It is awarded for “Emerging Brand Excellence in BFSI of the year 2018”. Trading portals are easy to use and leading in Algo trading performance. Read More

Top 7 stock broker of india by  Active clients

Best Trading Platforms & Trading Tools.

List of stock broker Best Trading Platforms & Trading Tools.

  • Angel Broking – Scored 100%
  • ICICI DIRECT – Scored 100%
  • Sharekhan – Scored 100%
  • Motilal Oswal – Scored 98%
  • Zerodha – Scored 95%
  • Upstox – Scored 95%
  • – Scored 95%
  • Compare Broker by Category

Best Brokers for Stock Analysis

List of stock broker Best for Stock Analysis and market Research.

  • ICICI DIRECT – Scored 100%
  • Angel Broking – Scored 100%
  • Sharekhan – Scored 100%
  • Motilal Oswal – Scored 98%
  • – Scored 95%
  • Compare Broker by Category

Note: Zerodha, Upstox do not provide stock analysis, Market research or Advice.

Best stock Broker in India for Investment Products

List of the best brokers in India for investment products.

  • ICICI DIRECT – Scored 100%
  • Angel Broking – Scored 100%
  • Sharekhan – Scored 100%
  • Motilal Oswal – Scored 100%
  • Compare Broker by Category

Best stock Broker in India for Customer Service.

Here is a summary of the best brokers for customer service.

  • Angel Broking – Scored 100%
  • Angel Broking – Scored 100%
  • Sharekhan – Scored 100%
  • Motilal Oswal – Scored 100%
  • Zerodha – Scored 100%
  • Upstox – Scored 100%
  • – Scored 100%
  • Compare Broker by Category

Note: All stock brokers listed above provide the best customer support. Sherkhan also supports the live chat.

Choosing the Online Best stock Broker Company in India.

When searching for a new online stock broker in India, It is important to full fill your requirements as a investors. Low brokerage charges are important for day traders. It is necessary to check stock broker performance in customer service, Trading platform, Tools, product & services, Brokerage charges, and reputation in trader’s community. It is always beneficial to compare brokers before opening an account.

Here’s a list of the most important elements to remember when choosing a online stock broking companies.

  • Brokerage Charges – It is necessary to understand what the brokerage charges for the transaction to buy or sell order in a financial product like Stocks, Commodities and Currency and F&O. Currently, almost all brokers in the market have reduced their brokerage fees. Brokerage charges are very important for intraday trader. A high brokerage can lead to loss of profit in a transaction. People who buy only for investment are not required to worry about the brokerage fees. Some discount broker like Zerodha, Upstox offer Rs.0 brokerage charges for equity cash delivery.
  • Trading Portals & Tools – Every Beginner think about low brokerage costs for trading but apart from trading costs most important thing is trading portals. Good trading portal can help traders make better decisions. Desktop-based and web-based trading portals with fully activated featured can make a big difference. For a technical analysis of stock charts trading tools are very important.
  • Investment Products – There are now a lot of options available for investments such as stocks, mutual funds, derivatives, futures and options, currency, commodity, ETFs. In India, stock brokers need to register in different exchanges to avail these segments for clients. Many stock brokers offer trading options in all the sections mentioned above, but only some of them provide trade in stocks or commodities. My request is to confirm with your broker before opening the account.
  • Mobile Trading APP – The present era is a Smartphone, and everyone has a mobile phone. Mobile Trading Application is very rewarding for people who are busier and cannot sit continuously in front of the computer. Now all stock brokers offer mobile app trading, but the trading app of each stock broker is different and Features can change dramatically.
  • Customer Care Support – Sometimes customer support is very important. Some stock brokers offer 24/7 support, but currently there is less stock broker in India. Many investors are new to the stock market and if they get good support from the stock broker then they can have a good experience of trading. Some stock brokers answer customer queries over phones, E-mails, Live chats.
  • Stock Research & Analysis – Technical and Fundamental stock research useful for investor as well as traders. Fundamental study of any financial product is most essential for long-term investors. Revenues growing, debts, Assets, competitors, Profit audit, Money Flow, etc are important criteria for stock analysis.
  • Regulation for Stock Broker – Stock brokers based in India and governed by Indian law will be regulated by the SEBI and must be registered members of NSE, BSE, MCX. If you want to check whether your stock broker is registered or not, then scroll down to the stock broker’s website and you can find all registered numbers. You can verify these members on NSE, BSE, MCX websites.
  • Banking – Adding and Removing Money in Your Account If your broker is fast and easy to open, then opening an account with such a stock broker is very beneficial. Some brokers like ICICIDIRECT, Karvy Stock Broking offer 3-in-1 accounts. 3-in-1 means a single broker gives you a bank account + Demat account + trading account. Usually we can add fund instantly but withdrawal of fund may take 24-hours.
  • Account Safety – Currently every broker tries to give more protection to traders account like 2 times password authentication, Q & A verification. We would like to advise you to select the stock broker regulated by stock exchanges. Do not share your login details to anyone.
  • Order Execution Speed – Price varies in the stock market every second so order execution speed may affect your overall profits. It is very important to understand how your order has been run and executed. Some time order gets stuck so poor execution may end up in big troubles.
  • Stock Trade Verification – Every trade has its unique trade id and every order has its unique order id. Stock broker provides trade id in contract note so you can verify it in respective stock exchange websites.

Best Online Stock Broker in India (Summary)

Stock BrokerService TypeBest ForAccount TypesBrokerageOverall Reviews
Angel BrokingFull-Service BrokerTraders & Investors2-in-10.04% to 0.4%5 Star
ZerodhaDiscount BrokerTraders2-in-1Rs.20 Per order5 Star
UpstoxDiscount BrokerTraders2-in-1Rs.20 Per order4.9 Star
SharekhanFull-Service BrokerInvestors2-in-10.1% to 0.5%5 Star
Motilal OswalFull-Service BrokerTraders & InvestorS2-in-10.05% to 0.5%4.8 Star
ICICIDIRECTFull-Service BrokerInvestors3-in10.05% to 0.55%4.7 Star
5PAISADiscount-Full-Service BrokerTraders & Investors2-in-1Rs.10 Per order4.5 Star

Frequently asked questions About Stock Brokers.

What is the best stock broker for beginners?

Ans: If Beginners looking for intraday trading than Zerodha and Upstox is the best stock broker in India and Both are discounted stock broker with very cheap brokerage cost. Angel Broking is best for an investor looking for good research and advisory. Apart from the above three brokers ICICIDIRECT and Sharekhan are very good brokers but they charge higher brokerage. All 5 stock brokers are best for the demat account and reliable.

What is the best stock broker?

Ans: Must be provides good stock trading platforms, customer service, fewer brokerages, better market research, fewer broker complaints.

Which is the cheapest stock broker in India?

Ans: Currently the cheapest stock broker in India is (Flat 10/Trade).

Which is the best bank to open demat account?

Ans: If you are looking for the bank than Kotak Securities, ICICI Direct, HDFC Securities are the best for demat account.

How many brokers are there in India?

Ans: In India there are two types of stock brokers discount stock brokers and full service stock brokers. Discount brokers focus on execution and low brokerage charges and full-service brokers provides all the services like, RM, Advisory, Research, Branch etc. Write now there are more than 250+ stock brokers located in India.

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