Edelweiss Capital Brokerage Plan Comparison between Lite and Elite Plan
Edelweiss Capital Brokerage Plan Comparison all two plan lite and elite compare

Edelweiss Broking currently has more than 12,00,000+ customer accounts & over more than Over Rs. 59,400Cr. asset base. The stock broking firm has a presence of around 200 locations of the country with 475 offices all over India. Below is some important list of the Edelweiss Broking Account Opening Process.

Edelweiss Broking is a full-service broker and currently, this stock broking firm has more than 11,938 people in the team. In 2017 Edelweiss awarded the “BBC Knowledge, National Digital Marketing Award 2017“.

Brokerage Charges Comparison

SegmentsEdelweiss Lite PlanEdelweiss Elite Plan
Equity DeliveryRs.10.00 per executed order.0.300% on transaction value
Equity IntradayRs.10.00 per executed order.0.030% on transaction value
Equity OptionsRs.10.00 per executed order.0.030% on premium
Equity FuturesRs.10.00 per executed order.Rs.75.000 per lot.
Currency FuturesRs.10.00 per executed order.0.020%
Currency OptionsRs.10.00 per executed order.Rs.20.000 per lot

Key Features Comparison

Edelweiss Lite Plan Edelweiss Elite Plan
Low brokerage: Just Rs.10 per order flat brokerage charges.Includes features of Lite brokerage plan without any extra charges
F&O, intraday trades against collateral as well as cash.Relationship manager for every subscriber.
Absolute No hidden charges.Exclusive products Assecess
Customized Margin
Portfolio Management and proactive advice.
No charges for call & Trade service

Other Charges

FeaturesEdelweiss Lite PlanEdelweiss Elite Plan
Margin or Leverage1. Cash + Stock Margin (50% Cash or 50% Stock)
2. FNO: 0.08% per day charges if 50% of cash is not maintained.
1. Cash + Stock Margin
2. FNO: Rs.0 charges for full stock margin.
Delayed Payment Interest for Normal0.08% per day 0.06% per day
Delayed Payment Interest for MTF0.08% per day 0.06% per day
Switching Charges (Only 2 switches permitted)Rs.0 (switching to Elite) Rs.2500 (switching to Lite)

Manual Support Comparison

ServiceEdelweiss Lite PlanEdelweiss Elite Plan
Call & Trade (Trading, Advisory )Rs.20 per Call NIL
Relationship ManagerNANIL
Trades AssistantsNANIL

Tools & Features

ToolsEdelweiss Lite Plan Edelweiss Elite Plan
Auto CollateralRs.0Rs.0
Standard Tools (Watchlist, Screeners, Alerts etc.)Rs.0Rs.0
Advanced ChartingRs.0Rs.0
Market DetailsRs.0Rs.0
ResearchRs.50 per month Rs.0
News (Live, Info)Rs.0Rs.0
Notifications (Whatsapp)Rs.50 per month Rs.0
Portfolio OrganizerRs.0Rs.0
Portfolio OptimizerRs.100 / Request Rs.0
Guided PortfoliosRs.0Rs.0
InvestologyRs.100 / course Rs.0

Ancillary Charges

ServicesEdelweiss Lite PlanEdelweiss Elite Plan
DP AMC1st Year Free Per post Rs.300 per annum Rs.0
DP Fees (Trf Out / Sell) / Inter-settlement FeesRs. 15 flat per ISIN 0.02% of Value or ₹20 whichever is higher within Edelweiss OR
0.03% of Value or ₹20 outside Edelweiss
PayinRs. 10 per transfer Rs.0
PayoutRs.0 Rs.0
Physical CML Request1st Free per Additional Rs.120 Rs.0
Physical Contract NotesRs. 50 per note Rs.0
Cheque paymentRs. 500 per cheque Rs.0
Pledge ChargesRs. 60 per pledge Rs.0
Physical Statement Charges (Ledger, PNL, Tax etc.) Rs.50 per note Rs.0


*Edelweiss Lite plan 0.01% will be considered as the brokerage if Rs.10 brokerage value is not generated and it is applicable on equity cash & future order.

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