Shooting Star Candlestick Chart Pattern

Shooting Star Candlestick:- The Real body of the shooting star should gap away from the previous candles real body. Real body can be black or white.There is one variation to the shooting star, it is known as the gravestone doji. The Gravestone doji is a shooting star virtually no real body, the close and open are exactly same. This formation is more powerful than the typical shooting star as portends as a serious reversal.
Shooting Star Candlestick

Shooting Star Candlestick Formation.

1)1st day Long Green Candlestick.
2)2nd day inverted hammer.
3)Confirmation:- 3rd day long red candle closing in the bottom half of the 1st candle.

Shooting Star Basic Criteria.

1.Market in uptrend.
2.Small real body (Red or Green) at or near, bottom or session.
3.Upper shadow at least twice the height of the real body.

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