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Rs. 3000+ Cr. daily exchange turnover. RKSV Securities have relentlessly challenged the status quo in the brokerage industry by eliminating unnecessary overhead costs & passing the savings on to our customers. The result? RKSV RKSV Securitiescustomers’ daily turnover on the exchanges exceeds Rs. 3000+ Crores. RKSV have become an industry heavyweight by listening to RKSV customers & giving them the tools & support they deserve to gain control over their finances.Zero brokerage, Great support.Unlike other low-cost brokers, we offer a variety of affordable pricing plans so that you can choose the plan best suited for you RKSV powerful online trading tools will help you make better trading decisions.

Demat Account.NSDL, Partnering DP with ILFS.
Trading Exchanges.NSE,BSE,MCX.
Broker Type.Discount Broker.

RKSV Securities Account Opening Charges.

Trading Account.Rs 350 (Rs 250 if self printed).
Demat account.Rs 300
Commodity Account.Rs.0.
Trading Annual maintenance charges (AMC).Rs 400 Per Year.

RKSV Securities Brokerage Charges.

1.Free Equity Delivery Trades: If you hold on to an equity trade overnight, you pay zero brokerage. That’s music to ears for all investors!
2.Rs. 20 per order traded regardless of the size of the trade.
3.Applies to all segments: Cash (Equities), Futures, Options, Currency Futures & Options, & MCX Futures.
4.Open a Demat account with RKSV & enjoy zero transaction costs.
5.Enjoy intraday leverage of 20x on Equities, 4x on NSE F&O, 4x on BSE/NSE Currency F&O & 3x on MCX Futures.

RKSV Securities

RKSV Securities Margins or Leverage.

Equity (Intraday).Upto 20 times for intraday.
Equity (Delivery).0 for delivery.
Equity Futures.Upto 4 times for intraday.
Equity Options.Buying no leverage, shorting upto 4 times for intraday.
Currency Futures.Upto 4 times for intraday.
Currency Options.Buying no leverage, shorting upto 4 times for intraday.
Commodity.Upto 3 times for intraday.

Trading Platforms or Software.

1) Desktop NEST Trading Platform RKSV Securities Desktop platform is built for elite traders & investors. It offers advanced trading tools catered to the active trader & investor
2) Web based NEST Online trading RKSV Securities Web Platforms allow you to trade from anywhere using your favorite web browser.
3) NEST Mobile for &roid OS Keep a keen eye on moving stocks & analyze sectors from the palm of your h&.

Some Useful Services.

Online Trade Reports.YES.
Online PNL Reports.YES.
Intraday Chart Facility.22Days
End of Day Chart Facility.10Years
3 in 1 Account.NO.
Instant Fund withdrawal.NO.
Relationship Managers.YES.

Useful Details.

Price (Broker Type).Unlimited Trading.
Headquarters City (Head Office).Mumbai(Maharashtra).
Total Branches (Presence).1 Branches.
Research & Tips.No Research & Tips.
Total Experience in Broking.4 Years of experience.
Year of Incorporation.2012.

Client Info & NRI Account opining Regulations.

Current Active Client Base?More Than 25,000.
NRI Account Opining Allowed Or Not.YES, It is Allowed.

Fund Transfers Service.

Number of bank linked to account.20+
Mode of payment (Withdraw &Deposit).Instant,NEFT/RTGS.
Fund Payin processing time.Instant,NEFT/RTGS.
Fund Payout processed (Working Days).NEFT/RTGS : 24-48 business hours.

Turnover & Other Charges.

Equity (Cash & Delivery) Turnover charges.0.0035% of Turnover.
Equity Futures Turnover charges.0.0021% of Turnover.
Equity Options Turnover charges.0.055% of Turnover.
Currency Futures Turnover charges.0.00155%.
Currency Options Turnover charges.0.0060%.
Commodities Turnover charges.0.0026% for futures.
Dial & Trade charges.Rs. 20 / per executed order.
DP Transaction charge.Rs 22 /per Debit Transaction.

Support & Tools Available.

Brokerage calculator.YES.
Margin Calculator.YES
Bracket orders & Trailing stoploss.YES.
Cover order.YES.
User guide & remote end support.YES.

Reports & Confirmation.

Contract notes on Email.Yes (Register Email ID).
Contract notes online.Yes (Register Email ID).
Periodical statement on Email.Yes (Register Email ID).
Trade confirmation on Email.Yes (Register Email ID).
Trade confirmation on SMS.Yes (Register Email ID).

Additional Features.

Charting (Intraday & EOD).YES.
Coding or Backtesting (Algo Trading).Yes (Algo trading).
Referral program (Affiliate).Not Available.
Training & Education.Yes, Education via markettalk.
Online trading community.Markettalk.

Customer Care Services.

Contact Details.Registered Office.
RKSV, 807 New Delhi House,
New Delhi 110001.Corporate Office.
212, Trade Centre,
BKC, B&ra (E),
Mumbai – 400 098
Call.Customer Care.+91-22-6130-9999.
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Saturday: 10:00 am – 200 pm.
Email.New Customers: sales@rksv.in
Existing Customers: support@rksv.in
Back Office: bo@rksv.in
Complaints Or Grievances.complaints@rksv.in

Sebi Registration.

RKSV Securities: NSE CM: INB231394231, NSE F&O: INF231394231, NSE CDS: INE231394231.
CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL- 00282534, NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-11496819.
BSE CM: INB011394237, BSE F&O: INF 011394237.
CDSL: IN-DP-CDSL- 00283831, NSDL: IN-DP-NSDL-11497282.
RKSV Commodities MCX Member Code: 46510.
FMC Regn. No. MCX: MCX/TM/CORP/2034.
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