Do’s & Dont’s in Intraday Trading

Get all the details related to dos donts intraday trading
dos donts intraday trading

Do’s in Intraday Trading.

1.Do paper trading before start trading with actual money. when you start making profits with paper trading, then shift to actual trading.
2.You can earn good profit from intraday trading but u have to follow your strategy 100% as it is.
3.Greed & fear is the most important part of intraday trading. So u have to control on it.dos and donts intraday trading.
4.Keep your Greed & Fear Away from you.
5.Always divided your intraday capital in minimum 4 section.
6.Make your own study.
7.Technical indicators are very use full in intraday trading.dos donts intraday trading
8.Use software based trading platform for intraday trading. Because its fast & very easy to operate.dos donts intraday trading
9.Use your 1/4 money of your account for intraday trading. (If you have Rs. 100000 in your account than only Rs. 25000).
10.If u are a intraday trader than minimum intraday brokerage is very important for you.
11.Always trade in very liquid stocks i.e. which have very high volume because as entry & exit can be very fast in such stocks.
12.Stop loss is a must For intraday trading.

Dont’s in Intraday Trading.

1.Most important part of Intraday trading is don’t believe in NEWS, RUMORS.
2.Do not over trade. follow your strategy.
3.Do not Trade if you are not Clear.
4.Do not expect Profit on Every Trade.
5.Do not trade with Extra Margin.
6.Do not trade in futures or option in intraday trading.
7.’Rumors’ can ruin you sooner or later- Don’t follow them.
8.Three 4-letter words that will kill you! HOPE–WISH–FEAR–PRAY
9.Do not trade with ego.
10.Do not Falling in love with a stock (Just Flirt).
11.Do not Trade without Stoploss.

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